Justin Whitaker

Oct 21

Values matter. A lot. In a hyper-competitive world where technology eats at every advantage you have over time it is good to have unique and distinct values that you live as a company.

That’s a form of differentiation that is not easily copied.

It matters and is at the core of building great companies.

” — Fred Wilson “Values

Sep 20

“Work on something that matters to you more than money. Create more value than you capture. And take the long view.” — Tim O’Reilly (via brandmentalist)

Sep 19

The reason that the tasks on your “to do” list aren’t inspiring is because they’re only tasks.”

To do’s” aren’t inspiring, they aren’t motivating, and they don’t excite your soul.

“Why do’s” are everything that “to do’s” are not; they are compelling, inspiring, and motivating.

“Why do’s” move you. They very literally motivate you by providing you with your motive, your reason why.

” — Scott Innarino on why “To-do Lists” fail.

(Source: thesalesblog.com)